If you are one of the 40,000 women in the United Kingdom who it is believed have been supplied with Poly Implant Prothese breast implants then Simon Burn Solicitors can help you. Simon Burn Solicitors is a boutique litigation law firm with particular expertise in product liability and complex contractual claims.

As you will know from media coverage, in December 2011 the French Government recommended that all women who have PIP breast implants should have them removed as a preventative measure. The current advice from the UK Government is that women with PIP breast implants should seek clinical advice from their implanting surgeon if they have any questions or concerns. However many affected women are also seeking independent advice to help them decide what they should do.

We understand that for all women affected by the PIP scandal this is an incredibly stressful and difficult time. Simon Burn Solicitors has responded to this by assembling a team of dedicated experts both legal and medical to assist you in dealing with the medical, psychological and legal issues that you are facing. In particular we place your wellbeing as the most important priority and can refer you straightaway to medical experts who can quickly assess and advise on your current situation and psychological experts who can help you. We can then assist in helping you claim.

You can expect an understanding and quick response to your enquiries from Simon Burn Solicitors and we are dedicated to doing the utmost to assist the victims of the PIP scandal.

Simon Burn Solicitors believe that any clinic or surgeon fitting PIP implants had a statutory duty under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 to make sure that the implants they supplied were of satisfactory quality. PIP have admitted that the implants contained industrial not medical grade silicon (we suspect to save costs) and we believe that this is a strong argument for saying that the PIP implants were not of satisfactory quality.

If you believe you have been affected by the PIP implant please contact Simon Burn Solicitors using our enquiry form below or by telephone. An initial discussion with us will cost nothing and we will look to offer no win no fee agreements to women who wish to claim.


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